Primatte V for Quantel iQ, eQ, Paintbox and Pablo

(Windows) (Hardware Accelerated)

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Photron USA offers a powerful optional feature that adds the highest quality chromakey and compositing capabilities to the Quantel iQ,eQ, Paintbox and Pablo products. The product, PrimatteV for Quantel, offers a revolutionary solution for ultraprecision matte-control blue-screen compositing and offers it at up to a hardware-accelerated 19 frames of HDTV per second.

Primatte V5 is the latest version of the popular Primatte Keyer.  It is faster and easier to use and includes many new features compared to the previous Primatte implementation.

primatte v5 keyer

Primatte V5 includes a Quantel hardware-assisted Keyer in the "Key" menu in Effects, and a software keyer in the "QPlugin" menu. The hardware-assisted keyer has faster performance but fewer features than the software keyer. The software keyer offers Primatte's full feature set and precision. On machines without Quantel hardware, the hardware assisted keyer is still present but it runs using software emulation of the Quantel hardware.

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