Primatte for Adobe Photoshop (Macintosh & Windows)

Highest Quality Chromakey and Compositing Capabilities

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image use IMAGICA Corp. of America offers a powerful option that adds the highest quality chromakey and compositing capabilities to the Adobe Photoshop product. The product, Primatte S-100 for Adobe Photoshop, offers a revolutionary solution for ultraprecision matte-control blue-screen compositing.

image use You will find Primatte's capabilities equal or exceed results delivered by conventional chromakeying techniques and the interface is so simple and easy-to-use. Most artists are using it for production within 60 minutes after installing the software. The Primatte S-100 for Adobe Photoshop functionality has been seamlessly integrated into the Photoshop GUI eliminating the need to jump between applications. Primatte's strength has been the ease with which mattes can be pulled on images with all kinds of undesirable artifacts and lighting problems. Give it a try and see what we mean. Get a demo version and try it out on YOUR machine with YOUR images.

image use If you are doing chromakey compositing and the quality of your blue or greenscreen shots are less than ideal, you need Primatte. If you are getting blue-spill or hard edges on your composites, you need Primatte. If your current compositing method is causing you more frustration than satisfaction, you need Primatte. Primatte has a unique and proprietary algorithm that delivers surprisingly sophisticated results with a minimum of interaction from the user. Load your foreground and background images, show Primatte the background color and it will do 90% of the work for you in the first click of the mouse or pen. Should your shooting conditions be less than ideal and additional fine tuning be needed, Primatte's refined GUI takes you step by step through the procedures necessary to get the results you are looking for.

Features image use

· Works on any size Photoshop image.
· 50 levels of Undo/Redo.
· Mask channel output option.
· User-friendly GUI menu offers quick and effortless operation with simple point-and drag-mouse control.
· Works on any Photoshop RGB image.
· Internal processing is computed at 16 bits per RGB channel.
· The high performance color-spill removal function uses an internally generated defocused image in a unique manner that allows refined compositing, especially around foreground object edges.

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