Photron was founded in 1974 in Japan to provide manufacturing, sales and service of professional film and video equipment and photo-instrumentation. Since then, Photron has been offering photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, the medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. The company name "PHOTRON" combines photon and electron, the basic elements that represent our state-of-the-art technologies.

Photron is an imagica robot group company. The imagica robot group started about 70 years ago at Kyoto Uzumasa, Japan,the heartland of the Japanese film industry, when it began film processing businesses such as film developing. By adding value to every production phase with having each group companies contribute to it, the imagica robot group creates the one of a kind value chain that makes it possible to produce efficient yet high-quality film/video works.

Primatte was originally developed by IMAGICA Corp. (Tokyo) in 1992. After several business structure changes, now Primatte is sold by Photron Ltd. (Tokyo) and Photron USA, Inc, which is based in San Diego, California. The main sales office for the Primatte products is based in Cameron Park, California while the San Diego head office specializes in the sales and support of high-speed cameras for the scientific, military, industrial and entertainment industries.