Primatte V has been integrated into all of the host applications from Photoshop to Flame and is now integrated into The Foundry's NUKE and eyeon's Fusion products. OEM licensees have also received the new library and have it integrated into their products.

The three new Features in Primatte V are quite revolutionary and we think will make keying with Primatte easier and faster than other products on the market. Here is a brief description of the new Features and we encourage you to download the plug-in for your host application and give it a try at your facility.

The new Adjust Lighting feature finally solves the problem of unevenly lit backing screens. If one side of the foreground image is a light blue color and the other side a darker blue, it was often problematic when trying to get good edges on both side of the foreground object. Now Primatte's Adjust Lighting feature automatically detects the backing screen color and then uses it to generate a ‘virtual’ or ‘artificially generated’ backing screen to use in the keying operation. You will be amazed at how to buy propecia online well his solves the problem of having to key unevenly lit backing screens.

The new Foreground Detection feature truly makes Primatte V an almost one-step operation. Using newly developed algorithms, Primatte V can easily differentiate the foreground objects from the backing screen and deliver an almost perfect key with a single click of the mouse or pen. No more transparent areas on the foreground object that have to be dealt with in additional operations. This also solved a problem when the Auto-Compute function was selected and Primatte failed to detect the backing screen color or if the foreground object interacted with the backing screen color and delivered a transparent foreground object. You wil be amazed at how often Primatte's Auto-Compute button delivers an almost perfect key instantly.

The new Hybrid Mode uses a technique often used by compositing artists when the foreground object has a color in it that is close to the backing screen color. These areas usually become transparent in the keying process and have to be dealt with in separate operations. Hybrid Mode performs this operation from within the Primatte plug-in by making a second key with the similar colored areas made opaque and then shrunk down and composited over the original key. This should solve many time-consuming operations compositing artists currently have to deal with.

Take a look at it and give it a try. We think you will be impressed.


PRIMATTE for Autodesk sparks and AVID|DS now uses the Reprise License Manager (RLM) instead of FlexNet. This solves many problems users had integrating a PRIMATTE floating license with other applications.

PHOTRON USA, Inc., would like to announce that the floating license issues with Autodesk Flame 2010 (and newer) has been resolved by switching to the Reprise License Manager system. Any users having this problem can now upgrade to the latest version of sparkPrimatte and get a new license that will make sparkPrimatte ‘float’ again.