Product Line


Links in Conjunction

These are links to products that work in conjunction with Primatte, including bluescreen materials, lights and other related products.

NOTE: Photron USA is not responsible for companies listed below and has no affiliations with them. We only post these links for your convenience.

Superlite Backdrops - This company offers several green backing screens for sale. - This company offers several sizes of green and blue screens, stands and backing screen paints for sale at very good prices.
Virtualsetworks - This company offers virtual set backdrops that can be used with Primatte.
Chromatte - Chromatte is a unique product that may suit your needs better than a software chromakeyer. Using a rings of LEDs around a camera lens and a special reflective fabric, you can get good mattes in 'real time'.
Bristol Paint - Bristol Paint, a company based in London, has a large selection of greenscreen and bluescreen paints and fabrics. I saw their products at a recent show and was very impressed with their product line. They even offer green clothing and gloves.
Photo Studio Supplies - Photo Studio Supplies, a company based in New york and Canada, has a large selection of greenscreen and bluescreen supplies.